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Campfire Brings Young YMCA Leaders from around the World Together

Written by Matt “Sully” Sullivan, Camp Chief Ouray

The other night I had a chance to facilitate an international campfire.

Being a camp guy I thought this will be fun and like many other campfires I have helped lead.

We started with an attention-getter. A call and repeat where I yell “hey change agents” and they reply “hey what”. This is something we use at Camp Chief Ouray and ohhh how it worked.

The songs started out slow but the change agents were gaining confidence! They were lining up to share their songs in their native languages. This magical campfire was truly taking form.

We were 100 individuals from 42 different countries that had come together as one group, singing and dancing, together. At this moment, it seemed that all of the world issues had come to a pause and for that hour and a half, we were all one.

We ended the fire with a calming rain storm created from our snaps, claps and stomps. We were all enjoying the moment as we sat together at Fairthorne manor’s fire circle.

Dousing the fire, I realized how special this moment truly was for everyone!

Matt “Sully” Sullivan

Matt “Sully” Sullivan is Camp Chief Ouray’s Camp Director. He recently represented YMCA of the Rockies on a global stage at the YMCA’s 175th anniversary youth gathering in London through Y-USA’s Emerging Global Leaders Institute and the World YMCA’s Change Agents programs.

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