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Staff Bucket List: What to do during your Summer visit!

Spending your summer in Estes Park is full of endless adventure. The town is full of delicious food, unique shops, and breath-taking views. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the spectacular activities that we have to offer, we asked our staff to come up with a few of their favorite things that you won’t want to miss this summer!

So, you’re staying at the Y and you’re not sure where to start. We offer a variety of different activities and trying to choose your first one is a little overwhelming. Luckily, our staff members have come up with some of their favorites.

  • Whether you’re a natural athlete or not, be sure to take advantage of our different sports facilities including the tennis courts where you can hang out with other guests and staff members.
  • Looking for a relaxing way to wind down your Wednesday evenings? Be sure to join Reverend Greg Bunton for a campfire worship sing-a-long.
  • Head to the admin field for put-put and field games. Take advantage of the beauty that’s around you and enjoy the outdoors while spending time with friends – new and old!
  • Stop by Sweet Memorial to check out what Family Programs has to offer. It doesn’t get better than learning how to tie knots, be safe around bears, build shelters and fires, and playing campfire games!

It’s a beautiful day outside and you’re itching to lace up your hiking boots. There are so many trails to choose from, how do you know where to begin? Thankfully, our staff has recommended multiple hikes that are suitable for hikers of all abilities. Make sure you’re prepared for your hike with this information from Rocky Mountain National Park,

  • Bierstadt Lake – this is a shorter hike, only about 2.4 miles. On this hike you’ll see some spectacular views of the mountains along the Continental Divide.
  • Ida – this hike ends up being about 9.6 miles. Although this trek might be a little more strenuous than others,  you’ll experience some amazing panoramic views.
  • Flattop, Hallett, and Otis (FHO) – this hike is bout 11 miles roundtrip, and is full of beautiful lake and scenic views.
  • Pear Lake – this is a longer hike, ending at about 12.8 miles roundtrip. If you choose this hike, you’ll see Alpine Lake, scenic views, and quite a few ponderosa pines.

Maybe hiking isn’t your thing and you’d rather spend the day in downtown Estes Park. Perfect! Unique shops line the street, offering the perfect opportunity to pick up a souvenir or an ice cream cone. When we asked our staff what they like to do in town, this is what they said:

  • My favorite shops are Blake Trading Company and Inkwell and Brew. Make sure to stop by!
  • Go to the Estes Park Farmer’s Market on Thursday’s starting at 8am.
  • Take a walk around Lake Estes or take a drive up Trail Ridge Road.

After all of those activities you’re bound to be hungry. Estes Park is home to a variety of different foods and restaurants, making it a hard decision on where you should satisfy your appetite. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that too!

  • Boss Burgers and Gyros
  • Wapiti’s
  • Ed’s Cantina
  • Bird and Jim
  • The Rock Inn
  • Antonio’s Pizza

Spending time in Estes Park during the summer is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. When we asked our staff if they had a piece of advice for visitors, it came down to this: “Take a few moments everyday to appreciate your surroundings. Enjoy the serenity of Estes Park and you’ll see what the power and beauty of silence can do here.”


About The Author

Kate Gillum is an Indiana native, spending her summer at YMCA of the Rockies as a marketing intern. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, eating ice cream, binge watching FRIENDS on Netflix and enjoying the outdoors.

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