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Welcome to the Future: Electric Bikes Now Offered at Snow Mountain Ranch

Riding a bike at Snow Mountain Ranch just got a whole lot cooler! Along with the help of concessionaire Thunderbolt Peak Electric Bikes, YMCA of the Rockies takes an electric twist on an old favorite.

So what is an electric bike? While they aren’t exactly self-propelled, guests pedal the way they normally would, but an electric battery is there to assist along the way.

With the added help, guests can tackle the biggest hills with the ease of riding on flat, cover more ground, and zip through trails with added speed.

With different levels of assistance available at the push of a button, guests can choose how much or how little they would like their bike to help. When going up a large, otherwise strenuous incline, guests can turn up the assistance level. Going downhill? Guests can turn off the assistance and cruise around like they normally would.

Depending on the rental (guests can choose from a number of electric mountain, full-suspension and fat tire bikes), fees are anywhere from $25 an hour to $100 for a full day of electric riding.

With the added assistance, guests won’t want to get off their new rides!

One of the real beauties of mountain biking is the opportunity to be active outdoors while seeing new things. With electric bikes, guests can cover more ground in less time while also getting less fatigued. With the electric bikes offered at Snow Mountain Ranch, the opportunities for discovery at a number of on-site or nearby riding locations are endless.

Electric bikes offer fun for the whole family, and rentals are available in kid’s sizes too! Want to bring along the tiny adventurists? Child trailers are available for rent, too!

To learn more about the electric bikes offered at Snow Mountain Ranch, check out www.snowmountainranch.org/activities/electric-bike-rentals or https://www.thunderboltpeak.com


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