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Llama Tell You About a Really Fun Program Offered at Snow Mountain Ranch!

Besides eating grass, llamas love two things: selfies and carrying your bags!

It’s true! At Lollygagging with Llamas at YMCA of the Rockies- Snow Mountain Ranch guests get up close and personal with llamas, while learning about their benefits as pack animals.

At elevations well over 8,000 feet, hiking in the Rockies can be tough, and carrying bags full of gear only makes it harder.

Thankfully, llamas are willing to help.

Lollygagging with Llamas participants learn about the llamas and how to properly pack and guide them before going on a short hike, where each participant gets to take a turn leading a llama.

Along the hike, llama-expert YMCA staff educate guests on some of the lesser-known and fun facts about their furry hiking companions, and the things guests can learn are pretty interesting.

For instance, llamas can carry anywhere from 40-100 pounds worth of gear on their backs and eat six pounds of grass a day!

With a scientific name as fun as lama glama, guests are in for an exciting family-oriented program that’s great for all ages.

Coming in all different colors and sizes with names like Liberty, Lugger, Lime and Lion, the llamas are friendly and love to pose for photos with guests.

No sign up is required to participate in Lollygagging with Llamas. All guests have to do is meet at the Rowley Homestead at Snow Mountain Ranch at 9:30, 12:30 of 2:30 every-other Saturday this summer. The program takes about an hour to complete.

To learn more about Lollygagging with Llamas and other fun activities offered at Snow Mountain Ranch, check out the activity guide at www.snowmountainranch.org/activity-guide.

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