Unleash Your Inner Olympian: Snow Mountain Ranch Olympic Weekends
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Unleash Your Inner Olympian

The Winter Olympics are finally here! We’re so excited to cheer on Team USA, but we’re even more excited for our Olympic-themed weekends. Where else can you participate in a Nerf gun biathlon, curling with milk jugs, and ice dancing with your friends and family? Curious about what our Olympic programming entails? Keep reading, and get ready for your Olympic debut at Snow Mountain Ranch!

Don’t forget to pick up a passport at the front desk or the programs desk. You’ll get a stamp for every Olympic activity you complete. Once your passport is full, you can enter to win a two-night stay!

Passport to Fun

Bobsled: The debut of the four-man Olympic bobsled was at the 1924 Winter Games. The two-man event was added eight years later in 1932. Our version of the Olympic bobsled is a trip down our tubing hill!

Broomball: Broomball is a recreational ice game. It originated in Canada and is played around the world. Stop by our ice rink for a quick game before or after your ice dancing routine.

Cross Country Ski Race: Cross country skiing has been contested at the Winter Olympic Games since the first Winter Games in 1924 in Chamonix, France. The women’s events were first contested at the 1952 Winter Olympics. We have 120 kilometers of groomed cross country ski trails at Snow Mountain Ranch, but don’t worry, our Olympic race is much, much shorter! Ski a one kilometer loop, or head out for a longer ski.

Dog Sledding Presentation: A sled dog race was included as a demonstration event at the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Five contestants from the United States competed. Dog sledding is definitely one of our favorite activities at Snow Mountain Ranch.

Curling: The sport of curling dates as far back as the early 1500s in Scotland, and was reportedly brought to North America by British troops during the Revolutionary War. While we don’t have real curling stones, we love curling! We use milk jugs on the ice, and we think they work just as well. Plus, you can learn the sport, and impress all of your friends next time you go curling!Ice Dancing

Pairs Roller Skating: Okay, so maybe this one isn’t an Olympic sport, but it is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Pairs skaters present routines to music, and are judged on creativity and skating ability.

Podium Photos: Take photos of you and your family and friends on the podium with your medals. Be sure to share them using the hashtag: #SnowMountainRanch

Nerf Gun Biathlon: The first World Championship in biathlon was held in 1958 in Austria. In 1960, the sport was finally included in the Olympic games. In our version of the biathlon, participants will cross country ski a short loop, and once their heart rate is up, they’ll try to hit a target with a Nerf gun. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s a lot of fun!

Movie Night: Every Olympic athlete needs time to rest and recover. Spend an evening with us chilling out at the movies. Our feature comedy presentation is “Cool Runnings,” the 1993 American Cult Classic.

Charades: You’ve watched the Olympics and now it’s time to act them out without using words. Join us for Olympic charades- always crazy fun!

Ice Dancing: Ice dancing joined the World Figure Skating Championships in 1952 and became an Olympic Games medal sport in 1976. This is a great photo opportunity! Curling2

Pool & Sauna: Come sooth those aching muscles. The sauna was first invented in ancient Finland by early Scandinavians.

Olympic Craft: A well-rounded athlete spends time learning to focus their creativity. Join us in the Craft Shop and complete an Olympic-themed craft to take home.

Olympic Bingo & Trivia: Stay focused and sharpen your mental skills with a game of Olympic-themed bingo and trivia.

Olympic Games: Join us in the Kiva building for a torch relay, speed roller skating and more. The first speed skating race took place in England in 1763, after the invention of iron-bladed ice skates.


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