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Summer Camps for Adults Are a Thing and You Should Go

Written by Laura Falin for Colorado Moms

Adulting is hard.

You have to get out of bed every day, usually earlier than you’d like. This is because you have to do awful things like “pay bills, ” and “buy food.” If you’re a parent, you have to take care of the kids, who expect to eat, like, three times a day.  You’re supposed to get them to school. And make sure they have clean clothes. And that they bathe sometimes. And this is just the basic stuff.

You should take a break. You should go to camp.

Remember camp? Camp was awesome. Someone else mostly cooked the food. Making the bed consisted of zipping up your sleeping bag. Counselors were on-hand to keep you entertained. You made lifelong friends and ended up with some great stories about close encounters with raccoons or bears or something.

And because we all long to relive our childhoods in some form — now you can go to grown-up camp! There are quite a few in Colorado, actually. And like kid summer camps, grown-up summer camps offer a variety of experiences. You can learn to survive in the wilderness, or raft a river, or drink a Bloody Mary at breakfast and have Color Wars. It’s up to you.


Women’s Adventure Camp — the YMCA Camp Chief Ouray offers a 4-day women’s adventure camp. Bring your friends and try out archery, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing and things like arts and crafts and s’mores. This is my dream Girls’ Weekend!

Active Older Adults — Camp Chief Ouray also offers a camp “for kids ages 50 and up.” Go hiking, do arts and crafts, woodworking, horseback riding, and participate in theme nights or talent nights in the evening.

Laura shares kids’ activities, recipes, knitting patterns, and tips for surviving 17-hr road trips on her blog Peace but Not Quiet ( She loves doing outdoorsy, mountain-y things with her four kids, mostly because then they aren’t home messing with her stuff.


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