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Spring Wildlife Tips & Info

Our security coordinator recently wrote this for our staff. We wanted to share with all of our visitors. Please respect our wildlife – and stay safe!

Along with the green grass the new babies are born. Elk and deer are beginning to have their calves and fawns. If you find a newborn deer fawn or elk calf, leave them alone, don’t touch them and get out of the area. It’s not abandoned by their mother!

Again, they are not abandoned by their mother! She fed them and put them there. She stays away on purpose, so she won’t draw attention of predators to the place where her fawns or calf is hidden. She will only come around to feed and clean up after them for the first couple of weeks.  After a couple of weeks they are strong enough and fast enough that mom will take them into the herd.

It’s also bear time. Keep all food and trash inside the bear resistant trash cans or inside the buildings. Bears can smell incredibly well, and will get to it if it’s accessible.

Keep all food or food related trash out of your vehicles, bears can and do break into vehicles. Keep your windows rolled up and the doors locked.

Chris Daubin is the security coordinator for YMCA of the Rockies. He served as district game warden in Wyoming for 28 years. He lives in Estes Park.

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