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What is Holistic Health or Wellness?

My name is Bill Pierce, and I am the Nordic Director at YMCA of the Rockies-Snow Mountain Ranch.  The YMCA of the Rockies mission states that we put Christian principles into practice through programming and facilities in a natural environment that builds healthy spirit, mind, and body for all individuals.  I believe deeply in this mission and feel that my position can have a very direct and impactful effect on our members, guests, and staff.

Mind, Body, Spirit…I believe that these three most basic facets make up an individual.   An orchestrated effort must be made to keep them in balance in order to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle.  These three facets are interconnected, and if one is lacking, they all suffer the impact of ill health, stress, and discontentment.  Being proactive in making healthy choices and developing healthy practices in all three areas will ultimately lead to a lifestyle of better wellness, satisfaction, contentment, and joy!  The three facets are very broad and make up an almost endless list of topics, issues, and practices.  What was popular and thought to be healthy 25 years ago may have been reassessed and found to be harmful today.  The world and this life are not perfect.  The world is changing and evolving and we can learn something new every single day.

Each month, I will bring up multiple topics through contributors in all three areas of wellness.  We will discuss physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and mindful education and knowledge wellness.  Nothing will be exact and perfect, but it will be a collection of experiences, successes, and lessons learned from failures. Contributors with years of wisdom from personal experience, occupational, recreational, relational, and daily life will share ideas and practices.  Our ultimate goal through the guidance of our mission is this:  We hope to inspire you to pursue and achieve the joy and love in your lifestyle that every individual has the power to find!


Bill Pierce


About the Author
 Bill Pierce is the Nordic and Trails Director at Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies.  Bill truly believes in the mission of the YMCA .  He strives to deliver programming and facilities that create opportunities for members, guests and staff that create healthy lifestyles.  Mind, Body, and Spiritual wellness that all can achieve and adopt is the goal.

Bill’s background in sports started in cross country running and Nordic skiing.  He has competed up to the National level in NorAm Nordic skiing. Bill began coaching in 1997 and went to full time ski coaching in 2007. Bill is a licensed USSA coach.   Combining his coaching and competitive sport and family experiences, he brings over four decades of sport and life to the training table.  He is writing to share, mentor, and inspire you to the peak of your wellness potential.

About The Author

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