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Estes Park Center Back to School Bucket List

We can’t believe that it’s almost back to school time! Although we love school time because of our fall programming and Outdoor Education classes, there are still so many things to do at our Estes Park Center in the summer before school hits!

To make sure you’ve had the best summer possible, our Estes Park programs staff has created a Back to School Bucket List you’ll want to check off before the first day of school hits!

Make sure to grab a pen and print off your bucket-list here!

1. Hike to a Waterfall

Estes Park is the base-camp to the Rocky Mountains with tons of hiking. Cornered on three sides by the Rocky Mountains, with a variety of hiking trail that lead into the park, our Estes Park Center is nestled in the perfect spot for a waterfall hike! There are many waterfall hikes in the area and they truly are magnificent to witness. Here are a couple we suggest to get you started on your waterfall adventure! Click here.

2. Study the Stars

We have a great astronomy class this summer that is led by our Outdoor Education instructors. Explore the great unknown and take a closer look at everything from the circumpolar constellations to stellar objects, through our telescopes. Learn about the different phases of the moon and its mountainous craters. Located at our outdoor Amphitheater, it’s a great spot to view the night sky!

3. See Wildlife

If you haven’t got to see all the amazing wildlife that live in the Rockies, you still have time! Watch elk graze the fields, listen to magpies as they sing (more like squawk) in the trees, and if you’re really lucky capture the break taking moments of witnessing a herd of bighorn sheep – residents to the Estes Park area. If you want some tips on where to view wildlife, click here!

4. Get a Hole in One

One of our program staples, the mini golf field, is great to play on in the summer. Open all day and into the night (we turn the lights on for you!), this is a fun pass time the whole family can enjoy. Play as much as you want and practice your puttin’ skills!

5. Make a Gift for Your Friend

You don’t want to show up empty handed when school starts. Make some friendship bracelets for you and your friends. It’s a great pastime and something to enjoy when you’re wanting some peace and quiet. Plus, it’s always nice to gift your friends!

6. Take a Trip Through Time

Did you know we have so much history of YMCA of the Rockies, the RMNP and Estes Park that we have a YMCA of the Rockies Historian who works at our very own museum?! If you haven’t stopped into the museum to learn about the founders of the Y, learn a bit out the Rockies and tour some of the original cabins that were build here, then you need to! Stop by our museum this summer to learn some cool history before heading to history class!

7. Aim for the Target

We know school is going to get you concentrating but, for fun, why not concentrate on an actual target? Take an archery class to get your mind in focus. It’s so much fun and you’ll have something cool to brag to your friends about on the first day of class!

8. Read a Book

You might be thinking, “Read a book! I’m going to be doing a lot of that during school!” If you are thinking that, then you haven’t stopped by our BRAND NEW General Store yet. We’ve got some great books on the best hikes in the area, funny stories about wildlife, and adult coloring books … it’s got some words in there too. Check out our store, grab a book and find a good spot read. Might we suggest…. (read below)

9. Relax in a Swing

This is a great spot to read your book or just relax! The Rocky Mountains is a relaxing place to unwind and reconnect with nature. We give you full permission to not do anything and swing! Make sure this is a top priority on your bucket list before the busyness of school kicks in!

10. Take a Scenic Photo With Your Family

You must document your adventures this summer to remember what a great summer you had! We have so many icon spots to take your picture! One of our favorite spots is at our famous YMCA statue on the admin field. You get a great view of the mountains. Try doing the post too!


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