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Your Faith Experience at Snow Mountain Ranch

Ever wondered how you can get the most out of your faith journey while at Snow Mountain Ranch? Look no further! Chaplain Steve has all the answers.

At Snow Mountain Ranch we continue to lift up the “C” in YMCA by offering a number of faith based activities.  Our goal is to offer our guests all of the great outdoor experiences Snow Mountain Ranch has to offer and connect those experiences to a deeper understanding of faith.  Here are some of the options you can participate in while at Snow Mountain Ranch.  Every Sunday morning we offer a non-denominational worship service that connects with and is meaningful to people from many different Christian faith traditions.  Each week we celebrate communion and utilize traditional, as well as contemporary music.  All are welcome!

On Sunday and Wednesday  afternoons we offer a faith based climbing wall session.  In these sessions we have a great time climbing while utilizing a partner and exploring how we need others as we seek to live out our faith in our daily lives.

On Monday mornings we offer a Guided Devotional Hike.  On this hike up Nine Mile Mountain, we make 8 stops and at each stop we explore one of the beatitudes.  On Monday afternoons we offer a faith based archery experience.  In this experience you will learn how hard it is to hit the mark with any kind of consistency.  It is also true that in life we so often miss the mark and that is where the grace of God in Christ Jesus comes in.

On Tuesdays, we offer a spiritually focused zip line experience.  Feel the thrill of leaping off the platform and rushing down the zip line.  At the end, we process the experience and talk about what it means sometimes take a leap of faith in our lives.  We also affirm the importance of encouragement from others who walk alongside us in faith.

On Wednesday evenings come and experience an outdoor worship in the beautiful Rocky Mountains around the glow of a campfire.

On Saturday mornings you’re always invited to come and hear first-hand about the adventures I, Chaplain Steve, have had as a competitive long distance musher.  You will laugh out loud at the funny stories I will share from the trail.  But you will also walk away having learned valuable lessons about leadership, passion, perseverance, and teamwork.  Oh… and you will also get to meet some of our amazing sled dogs!

On Saturday afternoons – it is time for the kids.  They are all invited to the Religious Activities Center for a Bible Story and a free take home craft.

At Snow Mountain Ranch we don’t attempt to take you out of your ordinary life in order to experience and talk about faith, we try to bring faith into your ordinary life and experience. Watch a video on how you can expect just that when you visit Snow Mountain Ranch here! Looking forward to seeing you there.

-Chaplain Steve Peterson

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