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Three Years Strong: The story behind Homegrown Yoga and Massage

“God works in mysterious and sometimes very obvious ways,” says Laura Collins, founder of Homegrown Yoga and Massage. We at the YMCA of the Rockies are very grateful for Laura’s third year keeping guests and staff healthy in both mind and spirit. Laura’s journey to becoming a staple at Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch is a tale of coincidence and faith that she would like to share.

Laura’s story began in 2010 when she first learned about the Yoga Journal Conference at the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center. Unable to afford the conference, she sought a position with the Yoga Journal work exchange program where she found a way to attend the conference and fall in love with the mountain escape that is our Estes Park center. Fate’s hands kept pushing Laura toward the YCMA of the Rockies as she volunteered at the Estes Park Craft Center. Being surrounded by the mountains while creating art with guests of all ages was perfect scenario.

During her time as a Craft Shop volunteer, Laura continued her quest to creatively help others by enrolling in the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Offering staff free massages and yoga classes proved very successful and popular. After short stints of working in a Zen community as a caregiver, Laura felt the mountains and the YMCA community calling her back. “I longed to just walk on the land at EPC as it is the perfect place to focus on and feel my connection with God, and this continues in my work, helping people to feel their own connection of spirit and body,” Laura says.

As the first consistent massage therapist and yoga instructor at the YMCA, Laura feels even closer to her goal of, “serving God and empowering the body of Christ, by helping people to be healthy and keep in touch with what’s important. ”

Laura believes that “we each have our own connection to God and God lives in us, through us with us. With God, and if I take care of myself and others, anything is possible.”

Thank you for another wonderful winter at Snow Mountain Ranch Laura. We can’t wait to see you this summer in Estes!

For more of Laura’s Story, visit her personal blog.

About The Author

Ever since graduating last May with a Journalism degree from Ohio University, Anna hasn't sat still. After a summer of backpacking through Europe and a month of living and touring the USA on a train car, she couldn't be happier to be stationed at the beautiful Snow Mountain Ranch. She sums herself up as a writer, a runner, an artist and a peanut butter addict who is trying her hardest to become a ski bum. You can read more of Anna's writings here:

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